Safety Policy

We commercialize Andean grains guaranteeing the innocuity of the product WEB EN ESPAÑOL


We have certificates that guarantee our quality of service WEB EN ESPAÑOL

Type of Services

Packaging with packaging, bulk packaging, pallets and cargo. WEB EN ESPAÑOL


Born 25 years ago on July 7, 1989, created by the General Manager Jorge Ruiz Riva. Leaving the army was inclined to the supply business in construction materials; To see that the business generated ascending income is inclined by computer inputs including, thus, between the years 1992 and 1993 rice and sugar processing them in an artisan way.

Safety Policy

in SAPROIND SAC We are committed to produce, process and commercialize Andean grains guaranteeing the innocuity of the product in its stages of cleaning, selection and packaging.


We have the certificates that guarantee our quality of service: SANITARY AUTHORIZATION ­-SENASA, HACCP, BPM, FDA, BRC:PROCEDURE.

Type of Services

Within our type of services, we have the following characteristics: Packaging with packaging, bulk packaging, pallets and cargo. We have a rigorous process that confirms the quality of our service



Quinoa is an annual developmental plant, dicotyledonous that normally reaches a height of 1 to 3 m. The leaves are broad and polymorphic (with different forms on the same plant); The central stem comprises lobulated and brittle leaves and may have branches, depending on the variety or density of the seed; The flowers are small and lack petals. They are hermaphrodites and usually self-fertilize. The fruit is dry and measures approximately 2 mm in diameter (250 to 500 seeds / g), surrounded by the chalice, which is the same color as the plant. It is considered a sacred grain by the native peoples of the Andes, due to its unique nutritional characteristics.

About us?

We are a family business that has been present in the Peruvian market for more than 20 years. We are leaders in the service of packaging and export of Andean seeds and seeds. We have a first class team and an exceptional infrastructure that allows us to be proud of the quality of our products. We have extensive experience in the export of products of Peruvian origin, predominating Andean grains such as: Quinua, Amaranto, Cañihua, Chia, etc. We provide all the markets of the world with products of the highest quality.








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